Welcome to the Quiz-Factory! We provide quiz solutions for the German, French, English and Spanish market. On this website we will give a brief overview of our services in English, we did not translate our whole German website to English. If you need more information, you may just send an Email or give us a call.

Quiz Software

We offer trivia software written mainly in Flash, PHP and MySQL. Our software can provide a whole trivia website consisting of trivia games combined with web 2.0 features. We can also provide just a single trivia game that can be integrated in an existing website. We offer more than 10 original trivia games featuring:

Some screenshots of our latest games:

Quiz Questions

It's not necessary to use our trivia software in order to license quiz content (e.g. quiz questions) from us. We have a database with over 100.000 trivia questions, sorted into 60 topics and sub-topics. Every question has a difficulty-level from very easy to very hard. Most of our questions are multiple-choice, so you have to select the correct answer from four choices. We also offer different questions, questions with pictures, questions where you have to sort the answers and "open" questions where you have to type the answer. We are always producing new questions and checking our old ones for up-to-dateness. Our questions are high quality, they get checked several times and we test them on trivia websites to make sure they are fun to play. We also produce questions on demand. On this site you get an overview of our current inventory of German multiple-choice questions.

Other Languages

Besides the German content we also offer trivia questions in French, Spanish and English. Furthermore we have several cooperations that allow our customers to license questions even in languages like Hindu. The French, English and Spanish questions are available at the same quality as the German content; further information on our international content can be given by email.

Quality Standard

We are committed to deliver only high quality trivia products:

For our trivia software this means that the software is written in a well structured and modular code that allows adjusting the software quickly to different requirements. We develop trivia software since more than 10 years and therefore look back on a long track record of successful web-applications.

Our trivia content has been used in several big title console and PC games. We have a team of well trained editors. Some of those are experienced in holding pub quizzes. All editors know well about the educational and cultural background in the target markets. This allows our editors to create trivia content that is fun to play and teaches the players interesting facts. Our content is regularly checked for up-to-dateness. If a project requires very specific trivia questions we will create them individually.


You may order via Email or Phone and pay via credit card (Paypal) or bank transfer.


Our phone-number in Germany is +49-163-7274988, our email-address is info [at] quiz-fabrik [dot] de. You can find our postal address here.